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Children Around the World
  1. Troubleshooting 

  2. Don’t click the play button too soon. I purposely post large, high-resolution slideshows—which means bigger files and longer buffering times. I trust you’ll find your patience rewarded. Allow the buffering progress bar to fill in—at least a third to half the way—to give it an adequate head start. Otherwise, play will stop if it catches up with the buffering. If that happens, wait a while, then click the play button to resume.

  3. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, turning it while your cursor is over the movie might cause the slides in the movie to scroll. Move your cursor off the movie before scrolling down the page (and drag the progress button back to the left, if necessary, before clicking the play button).

  4. Movie doesn’t fit on your small screen? Choose the link for the smaller laptop version of the slideshow. (On main selection page.)

  5. Using the space bar to pause & resume doesn’t work? Some Windows computers are quirky. You can always click the little Play/Pause button under the movie to pause & resume. Sometimes the space bar works for this after you’ve once used the Pause button. In either case, you should be able to move through the slides at your own pace (to read captions) using the keyboard arrow keys, whenever the movie is paused.

  6. A blue “Q” logo appears instead of the movie? Be patient, the movie is still loading.

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Read the poem—it’s profound.

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A slideshow of photos by Larry Hallock of Chicago

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