Seeking 1 to 3 travel mates

to visit remote tribal areas

of the Omo Valley

(in beautiful Ethiopia)

in August, 2012.

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    Watch my “Tribal Ethiopia” slideshow, and that will tell it best. Also, there’s a

    good article in Conde Nast Traveler Magazine on this area here.

    But I’m also open to other areas of Africa, such as the Serengeti, Victoria Falls,

    the gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, etc. I’m flexible as to where, but not flexible

    about the date—the month of August, 2012.


    Of course we’d need to explore whether we’d be a good match for traveling

    together, but basically I’m looking for someone who can meet the special

    requirements of extended travel in third-world countries: flexible, cheerful

    when things go wrong (as they always do), and able to put up with conditions   

    far from luxurious. Beyond that, you can be a man or woman, straight or gay, 

    black, white or in-between.

    If we don’t already know each other, we’ll need to supply some great references.

Why this trip?

    I’m going in any event. But having 1 or 2, or maybe 3 people join me would

    not only be fun, we could share a car & driver (which is the only way we can

    travel to visit the various tribes) and greatly reduce the per-person cost.

    Your advantage is that you’d be going with somebody who’s already been

    there several times and knows the ropes—able to handle the logistics. You    

    avoid the high cost of having to go through a booking agent. You don’t have

    to join a tour or travel in a caravan of cars. You get to meet native individuals

    I already know and go into private dwellings. It’s an up-close encounter that            

    you’d surely consider to be an experience of a lifetime.

For the record...

    For those who don’t know me, I’m not shilling for some travel outfit, I’m just a

    guy who likes to travel and would like to hook up with another travel enthusiast

    or two to reduce costs and enjoy the ride. There are no kickbacks and your cost

    wouldn’t be subsidizing mine. Each person pays his equal share. I’m listed on a

    couple of travel buddy websites, so thought it would make sense to post on my

    own site as well. Contact me if you think we should explore the possibilities.




I’m not a travel agent
or company—just a guy
seeking fellow travelers.